Cookies are small files that are stored on your computer. Their purpose is to improve communication between your computer and the website you are visiting. There are different types of cookies and not all of them should be allowed. An overview of different cookies and the associated risks can be found, for example, on the BSI website.

The following is a simple, brief overview of the purposes for which cookies are used on this website. The complete, legally effective data protection declaration can be found here: [LINK]

1. cookies, which guarantee the functionality of the site

These ensure the basic interactions between this site and your computer. These are indispensable and do not require the consent of the user. Typically these are so-called session cookies, which are deleted after leaving the site.

2. cookies, which save your personal settings

At this time, only your preferences regarding the storage of cookies will be stored. Later, additional user settings or login data may be stored for areas with user registration. If necessary, these cookies must be deleted manually from your computer. You can find out how to do this here, for example:

2. visitor statistics

In order to maintain and improve this website, I would like to track which pages are actually visited. For this reason, I would like to record user behavior using Matomo Web Analytics. It is an open-source software and the collected data is stored on the own webspace and evaluated exclusively for the improvement of this website. Shortened IP addresses, the called pages and if necessary origin pages and search terms, which led to the finding of this page, are stored. In addition, no data about the other surfing behavior of the visitor is collected. All data is only collected after the user has given his or her consent. If the so-called do-not-track option is preset in the browser default settings, the user behaviour is also not recorded. All recorded data is deleted after ... months. months will be deleted. If you are currently logged by the visitor statistics, you can see here:

Matomo-Webanalytics says:


3. third party cookies:

It is possible that content from other websites may be integrated on this page, e.g. youtube videos or information banners. It may happen that cookies are set by the other websites. This is deactivated by default on However, the external contents are then not visible either.


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